Braithwaite Excavations along with their specialist partners undertake a wide variety of ground improvement methods where the condition of a site requires these to be undertaken.

Lime modification is utilised to dry out materials that are too wet for normal earthwork operations. This allows materials to be used on site that would normally be unsuitable and would have to be taken off site to landfill.

Cement modification is undertaken to strengthen the soils encountered on site. Cement is incorporated in to the soils using specialist plant which increases the strength of the soils which means less stone is needed to cap the site. The cement treatment can also be used to allow more of the site materials to be utilised which reduces the need for materials to be taken off site to landfill and stone imported to site.

Rapid impact compaction is a technique undertaken on poorly consolidated sites such as backfilled ash pits or former open cast sites. These sites are former industrial sites where any backfilling has been undertaken without compaction meaning the ground has to be improved either by piling or by the use of rapid impact compaction to allow for building on the site. This is a much more complicated type of improvement works and requires detailed site investigation works and prior testing but it can offer significant cost savings against traditional piled solutions.

All ground improvement works require a fully detailed site investigation to be undertaken to determine if the materials can be improved and to allow for accurate cost assessments to be submitted to the Client to determine if this is the best way forward. In most cases the use of ground improvement offers significant cost savings to the Client.


“It is the stated aim of this company to undertake works where the majority of site won materials can be either reused directly or can be processed by on site methods to allow their incorporation within the works.”

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